Apple, Disney and WarnerMedia are all launching new video streaming services that you will hear a lot in the next few days. 

But here's the news about a streaming service that is shutting down: Sony's PlayStation View, a provider of a digital version of the cable TV bundle, will close stores in January. 

“The highly competitive pay TV industry with expensive content and network business has changed more slowly than we expected,” Sony said in an announcement on Tuesday. Translation: Sony was losing money on the service - which sold for about 50 50 a month and was supposed to appeal to people who owned its PlayStation gaming consoles - and they didn't have many customers. 

Sony has previously tried to find buyers for the service, according to a report in The Information.

Sony was one of the first so-called "virtual MVPDSs": bundles of network programming were distributed on the Internet that reflected what traditional themed pay TV distributors like Comcast were selling. That group now includes YouTube, Hulu and Dish Sling. 

At first, digital TV bundles, which retailed for থেকে 20 to মাসে 40 a month depending on the channels, looked like they wanted to get live TV but were only appealing to people who didn't want to buy it from a traditional company or had a pay TV subscription. Wanted to spend less money.

According to industry sources - no service has reached more than one million subscribers - in contrast, Comcast has 20 million paid TV subscribers - and all of them are losing money. They continue to raise prices and in some cases add more channels as they go, which means they are starting to get closer to conventional TV distributors.

It’s also useful to see how many big, well-funded companies have looked at this model and decided not to follow it: both Amazon and Apple have spent enough time exploring a pay TV service but never got there. Intel announced plans to launch its own streaming TV service and spent time and money building lines for transactions and building hardware for it, and then abandoned the plan. Verizon, meanwhile, has abandoned plans to enter the bundled TV business.

Sony's headline comes at the same time that many more streaming video services are entering the mix. The difference is that instead of providing a bundle of different channels focused on live TV, most of them are offering a selection of a la carte of programming to suit your needs, like Netflix. 

And, like Netflix, most of the new services will be much cheaper than traditional themed Pave TVs. They may even be free for a while: for example, Apple's new Apple TV + service will cost $ 5 a month, but it will be free for one year for anyone who buys new Apple hardware. Disney's Disney + will cost ড 7 a month, but will be free for some Verizon Wireless customers.

We're still waiting to see how much it will cost for WarnerMedia's new HBO Max service, but we'll find out soon: An announcement from the company is scheduled for today.

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