Geography of gujarat.

                       Geography of gujarat.
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Physiotherapy of gujarat

PhysiotherDapycally, the state of gujarat comprises the following three district zones..

1. Mainland gujarat
2. Saurashtra of kathiyawad
3. Katchchh

1. Mainland of gujarat.

The mainland gujarat is alluvial plain partly formed by the annual flood deposits of sabarmati, mahi and tapi rivers.
Physically , the maindand of gujarat can be divided into the coastal area, the plains and the estern Highlands.

2. Saurashtra of kathiyawad.

Kathiyavad, popularly known as saurashtra, was once an island or a group of island of volcanic origin separated from the maindand.


Katchchh was also an island in prehistoric times.
According to the author of the periplus there was open sea between katchchh and indus.


Swift and clear rivers of kathiyawad flow from the inner of the two hill tracts, glidding along rocky channals between steep banks, winding sluggishly through the low lying lands they enter the sea at poinsts nearly opposite the slopes where they take their rise.


Rivers like the banas, sabarmati, mahi, tapi, and narmada on the coastal plains and bhadar,shentruji and bhoagavo on the plains keep its fertile lands green except in the arid zones of north gujrat, the rainfall i. Gujrat varies between 25-50 inches...

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