Gujrati literature

                               Gujrati literature

Literature given order to human experience. It explore culturel values. Literature in gujarat stands for it's literary tradision in the form of folk songs,narratives, theater and aphorisms. Traced back to the sultanate period, the stories and messages evolved as they passed throuth generation, leaving behind version of myth and legends..

The early literary journey began in gujarat way back during 11th century when trade and commerce influenced hindussm and jainism. Before gujrati emerged in its own linguistic identity, the works were notably in sanskrit and prakrit languages. Literature with hemachandracharyas grammer book, siddha hema shabdanushasan, came into existense during 1088-1072..

Literature tradition in gujarat is largely linked to the bhakti movements and as it swept across most of india during 12th and 17th century, it began with the poet narsinh mehta 1414-1481 . Narsinh mehta began the rise of gujrati literature and is referred as 'father of literature'. He spent his life practicing ans advocating selfless human comparison while facing immense opposition from his community during 1408 - 1480.

British government existense passe by and the new technology of printing and press, there began the english languge and medium of education. The new age reads with newspapers, magazines, etc . Influenced information and awareness in society.. literature flourished with modernity as creation reflect to new age thinking, social welfare, criticiam, plays, patriotism, politics, spiritual, management, facts, fiction and stories, etc..

It has been thw current trends of Author meets, book launches, debating, review sessions and promoting is power..

The book publishing industry and internet has even given way to new age writer's.. works are published in form of e-books, posted at google open booj soylurcw and even gujrati Authors are getting self published with the PID(print on demand services). Thereby, writing, marketing and promoting literature throughout the world...

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